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Xavi Hernandez
"Lo de Arda Turán, es una acción de roja clara"
Joan Gamper
Barcelona Center News
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El capitán del FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernández, ha comparecido en rueda de prensa para analizar la clasificación del Barça para semifinales y la situación actual del equipo. Sobre el choque copero, que ha conllevado cierta polémica, el de Terrassa le quita hierro. "Ellos viven una situación tensa, le expulsan un jugador en el descanso. No hubo una dureza extrema, son jugadas puntuales, pero no hay que darle más importancia".

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They have only changed the results
Xavi Hernández no substantial changes from the game against Real. "In Anoeta also were like a shot. We bottle for Real in their field and deserved the win. And when you lose in Barcelona is a drama".
For Barca midfielder only thing that has changed, "the results are. If we win 1-2 in Anoeta even we would be leaders. The result changes everything in this house. It's unfortunate but true. Neither before nor were so bad now so good. we are in a good line, "he added.
A level of play, Xavi believes that has not changed the style of play.. "There is a changing role of midfielders Depends which requires the party or the opposing team Most teams ahead in your field as well we can not always go to the counter. "
The Messi-Luis Enrique discussion: zero weight
Xavi has also confirmed the discussion between Luis Enrique and Messi. "It is understood and nothing happens From inside we give importance...... Zero Passed and over, it's true And it will happen again It's even good for the equip Everyone wants to win all want to feel important, we are all plugged in. "
Praise for Neymar
"Neymar is a great player and we are delighted to have him on the team. It's the way he plays, he is happy and being decisive," says Terrassa. On the behavior of the Brazilian, Xavi Hernández insisite that "It is his understanding of football and their way of living. It is difficult to change a person. Then you need to know how to win and lose, but not for Neymar, evidently ".
"Neymar is already making a difference in the Barcelona and 22 years. His future is immense, extraordinary. It will be among the best futbolsitas the world if it is not currently".
Barca captain has also spoken of the goal. "The level is brutal," he said. "The three goalkeepers are very good. It is a wonder to see them train and play. And it was not easy to replace a goalkeeper Victor Valdes as the best goalkeeper in the club's history." He also had words for Marc Bartra of who says "it's a core of present and future, extraordinary. It has been shown in the games he has participated and its progression is getting better and is a basic piece of equipment."
No decide their future
On a personal level, has decided his future and that of Terrassa is dedicated to enjoy their opportunities. "I'm happy, enjoying how things go. I put the team ahead of me, as I have done in my career. I feel good, a good level. From there we will decide the future, I still have not decided."
Finally, the Catalan midfielder has assumed that "each week expect a prick of Madrid. We are awaiting not win his party to try to get leaders. But it is difficult because they are strong. The vabja Cristiano will be sensitive to them, but we'll see. We to keep paddling. "

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